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  What is the role of a Registered Counsellor?
The role of a Registered Counsellor is to make psychological services accessible to the diverse South African population and to provide psychological and preventative interventions that focus on support, and promote the enhancement of well-being in an individual and community context. 
This includes individuals, children, families, groups, communities and excludes psycho-therapeutic intervention such as diagnosis and prescription.

My approach to Counselling... 

My approach has its roots in the teachings of both
Carl Jung as well as Carl Rogers.I often integrate tools of tension and trauma release, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness.  We work with both the body and mind by use of posture, breath, sound, exercises and techniques of relaxation. In releasing and opening both the body and mind we function more effectively, and give the necessary space to reconnect with life and higher purpose.           
How long is a Counselling session & what is the cost involved?
A Counselling session is usually 60 minutes unless discussed otherwise     

Medical Aid rates: R457.40 (51-60 min)
Contracted out of Medical Aid 

              (Cash or EFT)    

What you need to know when joining a Yoga class?
Try not to eat a heavy meal 2-3 hours before class, a light meal is fine
Wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move around in
All props are provided but feel free to bring your own mat if you prefer
How long is a Yoga class and the cost?
A Yoga session is usually 70 minutes, including relaxation at the end.
Group class for IndiYoga: R100 p/p or buy a loyalty card for R700 (pay for 7 and get 1 free).
Cash or EFT
Who can do Yoga?
So you can't touch your toes and your knees feel like they're connected to your ear lobes...yes IndiYoga is for you too. All shapes, sizes and ages can do Yoga although I prefer Yogis and Yoginis to be older than 12 years.It is key to always listen to your body, practise at your own pace and let your journey Be'you'tiful

What is Cupping Massage all about?
A fusion of Balinese Massage and Cupping Therapy in targeting the Fascia layers for lengthening, stretching and releasing on a physically deeper level.  What is experienced emotionally and mentally is often held onto, physically within a tight, stiff and often closed up body.  Through Fascia Release and more penetrating forms of lengthening, there is an opportunity to soften, open up and completely let go. When our body is free we find our own way back to holistic health and balance

N'joy, light and heart

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"Happiness is when you feel good about yourself without feeling the need for anyone else's approval" 
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